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  • DeepOpinion


    14 offene Jobs
    100% Homeoffice / Remote oder in Wien, München, Innsbruck
    DeepOpinion is a thriving SaaS technology startup that operates in the field of AI and machine learning. The company focuses on developing automation solutions to help businesses offload repetitive cognitive tasks, thereby enhancing productivity and job satisfaction. As a remote-first organization, DeepOpinion has built a diverse team working from various locations worldwide.
  • DGTLS GmbH

    DGTLS GmbH

    9 offene Jobs
    100% Homeoffice / Remote oder in Wien, München, Traunstein
    DGTLS GmbH ist eine Digitalagentur mit Full-Service-Charakter. Das Unternehmen konzipiert, gestaltet und programmiert seit 2007 individuelle Websiteprojekte und entwickelt Werbekampagnen für seine Kunden. Ein Team von Profis in den Bereichen Webentwicklung, Design, Marketing und Beratung arbeitet zusammen, um maßgeschneiderte Lösungen anzubieten.
  • valantic DXA GmbH

    valantic DXA GmbH

    9 offene Jobs
    100% Homeoffice / Remote oder in Wien, München
    valantic DXA GmbH ist eine Digitalagentur mit Full-Service-Charakter. Das Unternehmen wurde 2007 gegründet und beschäftigt sich seitdem mit der Konzeption, Gestaltung und Programmierung individueller Websiteprojekte sowie der Entwicklung von Werbekampagnen. Dabei setzt das Team auf eine breite Expertise in den Bereichen Webentwicklung, Design, Marketing und Beratung sowie Projektmanagement.
  • Xentral ERP Software GmbH
    100% Homeoffice / Remote oder in Berlin, München, Augsburg
    Xentral ERP Software GmbH is a tech startup with a focus on automating resource planning for entrepreneurs and e-commerce vendors. The company has major tech investors and aims to define a new SaaS category. It has a presence in several European countries, offering remote work options as well as hubs in various cities. The company values flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes, and appre
  • Wikimedia Foundation
    100% Homeoffice / Remote
    The Wikimedia Foundation is a non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects. The foundation's vision is to enable every human to freely share in the sum of all knowledge. It hosts Wikipedia and other projects, develops software experiences, supports volunteer communities, and advocates for policies that promote free knowledge. The company has staff members locat
  • Arbitrage Media GmbH
    100% Homeoffice / Remote
    Arbitrage Media GmbH is a small team of digital marketing experts who work remotely. They specialize in customer acquisition through paid ads, primarily on Meta Ads, for a select group of high-end DTC e-commerce businesses. The company handles over one million dollars in monthly ad spend and is a Meta Business Partner. They are known for their premium boutique growth services and seek talented ind
  • GmbH GmbH

    5 offene Jobs
    100% Homeoffice / Remote oder in Hamburg GmbH is a part of the noventic group, which consists of several European companies focused on climate-friendly real estate management. The company offers services and products for operating Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructures in buildings, managing data from millions of sensors, and creating intelligent products and services. They have around 890 employees and generate over 200 mi
  • InterNations


    5 offene Jobs
    100% Homeoffice / Remote oder in München
    InterNations is a large global community for people who live and work abroad, with over 4 million members in 420 cities worldwide. The company offers networking and socializing opportunities through events, discussion forums, and articles based on personal expat experiences. InterNations is part of New Work SE and has a remote-first policy, allowing team members to work from anywhere in Europe. Th
  • Tomorrow University

    Tomorrow University

    4 offene Jobs
    100% Homeoffice / Remote oder in Berlin, Wien
    Tomorrow University is a remote-first educational institution that aims to provide a transformative learning experience for students worldwide. The university focuses on building learners' capabilities, empowering their individual purpose and mission, and fostering a vibrant, connected community. With a diverse community of active learners and alumni, Tomorrow University offers a dynamic environme
  • atmio


    3 offene Jobs
    100% Homeoffice / Remote
    atmio is a company dedicated to reducing carbon emissions. They are focused on building a smart platform for measuring greenhouse gases, specifically methane, for energy companies. The company uses portable sensor technology to help these organizations quantify, report, and reduce their methane emissions. The company's goal is to save 1 Billion tonnes of CO2 emissions yearly, which is equivalent t
  • Bike Hub GmbH

    Bike Hub GmbH

    3 offene Jobs
    100% Homeoffice / Remote oder in Köln
    Bike Hub GmbH, also known as velio, is a young product company with a focus on the bicycle market. The company aims to disrupt this market by building a leading digital marketplace for premium e-bikes, with a vision of contributing to a greener and more sustainable world. The company is committed to accessibility, sustainability, and innovation, and offers a flexible working model.
  • Competition Company GmbH
    100% Homeoffice / Remote oder in München
    Competition Company GmbH is a game development studio with a focus on digital motorsport. The company employs a remote-first working environment and offers flexible hours. The team is made up of professionals who share a passion for high-speed racing and creating immersive virtual experiences. The studio's goal is to provide players, digital racers, and car enthusiasts with a platform to engage in

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