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ab 4.000€ brutto / Monat auf Vollzeitbasis

🦄  Who you are:

With a team of 10 developers, we are looking for a new teammate excited about cloud technologies. You will be the one in charge of our cloud architecture and we will rely on you to help us build and evolve our AWS/K8s stack, develop and continuously improve our deployment strategies and ensure observability is in place. We are in the middle of migrating all of our services to AWS and Kubernetes and you’ll be highly involved in this process. You’ll get to work with a team of experienced developers who always welcome feedback and ❤️ to give one as well.

🦸  Are you ready for this?

We define ready as:

  • 2 years of professional experience as a system administrator or DevOps engineer
  • Working experience with:
    • Kubernetes
    • AWS
    • Monitoring/logging/alerting and troubleshooting
    • Infrastructure as code: Terraform, Git/GitOps
    • Building/maintaining CI/CD pipelines
    • Scripting and Automation (Bash, etc.) of product deployments, infrastructure, container management, and tasks
  • You are located within the Central European Timezone ± 3 hours
  • If the time difference of your current location is more than CET ± 3 hours but you plan to relocate, please mention it;)

🥞 Our stack

In short, this is what our stack looks like:

  • Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) - Currently in the migration to AWS, running the infrastructure on-prem and moving parts over to AWS with S2S VPN
  • Backend: Mostly PHP with some NodeJS services
  • Frontend: React/Typescript
  • Postgres (Aurora)/ Redis / ElasticSearch (OpenSearch)

💙 What you’ll find:

  • Opportunity to advance your career and get further training. Personal budget for courses, conferences, DevOps certificates (CNCF, AWS)
  • Room for own ideas and improvements to the product
  • We offer you an option to work from the comfort of your own home. Also, you can join us in our Vienna office - perfect for getting the work done and enjoying some office perks, whatever you prefer the best.
  • Remote work is possible from anywhere within the Central European Timezone ± 3 hours
  • Flexible working hours
  • Diversity is welcome: Our team is as international as is our audience; English is a must-have, and everything else is a bonus.
  • We’re family-friendly. We guarantee the same job after returning from parental leave
  • We’ll provide you with the MacBook to your liking and we’ll always include you in the decisions about choosing the right tools for the job
  • We love SaaS 🙂 Here’s more information about our Stack
  • Free Wiener Linien Card
  • The minimum salary starts at 4,000 €, pre-tax, 14x / year. We’re happy to overpay in re. to your level of experience!
  • Financial support in case of necessary relocation

❌ What you won’t find at Swat.io:

  • Annoying micro-management
  • Office politics
  • Lengthy coordination and approval processes
  • Monotonous tasks and boring work
  • Egos and bullshit before real results

Our job posting got your attention – great! We are looking forward to getting to know you better. Show us who you are – we are interested in your personality and how you fit into our team.

Swat.io GmbH
🎤 We are proud to be an independent and bootstrapped product-led tech company in the Software-as-a-service industry with more than a decade of experience in the Social Media space. As a company, we’re driven by two strong passions: tech and social media.
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