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What You'll Do...

We’re looking to hire an experienced Android Engineer to join our team working on PSPDFKit for Android.

  • Improve our current codebase by revamping the UI and introducing Jetpack Compose with modern design practices.
  • Take responsibility for delivering new features and bug fixes from the design phase to launch as part of a small, driven team.
  • Work on all layers of our products: internal API, customer-facing API, and end-user facing UI, as well as documentation and marketing content.
  • Make architectural choices that will affect hundreds of apps and millions of users.
  • Write readable and well-documented code with meaningful tests so that we can ship new releases confidently and often.
  • Support our customers in integrating our products, help them debug and fix issues, and collaborate with them to understand their requirements for our products.

This position directly involves the design, architecture, and development of our PDF SDK for Android using technologies like Java, Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, RxJava, and the Android NDK. We believe in hiring people who are eager to understand the root of the problem they’re working on and to find solid, long-term solutions.

This is a remote position, we're looking for someone located 6 hours +/- of the UTC timezone.

About You...

  • Be passionate about the latest Android development practices, and eager to embrace the power of modern declarative UI with Jetpack Compose (we'd like to see some previous experience in Jetpack Compose).
  • Be familiar with the Android development tools (Android Studio, Gradle, NDK, Docker), Android framework and the ecosystem of third-party libraries (some of the libraries we use are AndroidX, Jetpack Compose, RxJava, Robolectric, Material components, and the Kotlin standard lib).
  • Orient your work around the larger context of the business goals and the product’s customer.
  • Have good communication skills and enjoy working with a passionate team, while understanding the challenges of working on a distributed team.
  • Work independently and have a high sense of responsibility.
  • Have a good command of English for writing documentation, communication with customers and occasional blog posts.

About Us...

PSPDFKit is on a mission to help developers deliver excellent software by building exceptional products and providing great support. We enable businesses to work smarter and faster, saving time and expenses along the way, and freeing developers to focus on building great products. PSPDFKit is, at its core, a company that creates solutions by and for developers. To do this, we hire people who are curious, creative, communicative, and collaborative. We’re a highly cross-functional organization, and we’re committed to tackling challenging problems — like enabling PDF functionality and designing powerful APIs — so that our customers don’t have to.

  • Continuous Improvement — We are continually growing and adapting, both as a company and as individuals; we believe the best is yet to come. We aim to learn from our mistakes, streamline our work, and remain accountable to each other.
  • Feedback — We value honest feedback, open collaboration, and relying on one another to continuously improve. We’re committed to listening to new ideas, being open to failure, and allowing ourselves to change our minds.
  • Transparency — We default to transparency in communication. We believe the ego doesn’t belong in the workplace, and that being open and honest in our communication builds and solidifies trust. We don’t shy away from the hard questions, and we welcome the opportunity to be candid.
  • People — We believe it’s always about people: our people and our customers. We care about each other, we trust one another, and we’re excellent to each other. We’re committed to going out of our way to help our colleagues become the best version of themselves — personally and professionally.
  • Creativity — We understand the world is constantly changing, so we’re on a mission to explore, experiment, and readily embrace the latest technologies. We support each other in our curiosity and creativity, because we know it unlocks empathy and enables new ways of thinking.
  • Character. — We care about quality and we aim to get things done the right way. We believe it’s our responsibility to make the world a better place, and our commitment to helping the environment means reducing waste and coming up with creative solutions for replacing paper processes.

PSPDFKit is an equal opportunity employer with people from many different cultures and countries. We celebrate diversity and are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, skill sets, perspectives, as well as providing our employees with a work environment free of harassment.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, marital status, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical​​​ condition, sexual orientation, gender identity or ​expression, or any other non-merit factor. We’d especially love to receive applications from individuals who are underrepresented in the tech industry.

PSPDFKit is the leading document processing and manipulation platform for developers and enterprise businesses. Our customers use our offering for creating, editing, signing, and collaborating on documents in their applications across mobile, Web, and all major platforms. Nearly a billion end-users in over 150 different countries rely on PSPDFKit every day including industry leaders like Dropbox
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